Android Contact Sync

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These are the permissions requested by the app during the install process. Here you also can find a short description why I need a specific permission.

android.­permission.­READ_CONTACTS and android.­permission.­WRITE_CONTACTS

The app is designed to interact with the contacts on the device so it needs the rigths access the contacts.

android.­permission.­WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and android.­permission.­READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

Used to create files on the device e.g. to backup contacts in .vcf files and to read files storing contacts.

android.­permission.­INTERNET and android.­permission.­ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE

Used to access contact information available at server connected by a network like the Internet.


For licensing the app needs access to device id.


Needed for google licensing mechanism.

android.­permission.­RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED and android.­permission.­ACCESS_WIFI_STATE

For the automatic background sync feature.


To detect which WIFI networks are in range to the device, i.e., to configure the app so that it syncs only when it is connected to a specific network.


For the automatic background sync and to prevent the device to go in sleep mode during operations.

android.­permission.­MANAGE_ACCOUNTS and android.­permission.­AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS and android.­permission.­USE_CREDENTIALS and android.­permission.­READ_SYNC_SETTINGS and android.­permission.­WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS

Used to create and manage android sync accounts to integrate the app in the default contact handling apps.

android.­permission.­READ_CALENDAR and android.­permission.­WRITE_CALENDAR

The app has a feature which can be used to automatically create appointments for birthdays and anniversaries at a choosebale calendar so that you wont miss such an event.