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App Version 9.0

Contact: consync[at]

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ContactSync is an Android app which allows it to sync your Android contacts with local files (stored on your device or e.g. mail attachments) and FTP, HTTP, WebDAV, CardDAV servers or Cloudstorage (e.g. Google Drive). It support two way synchronization, seamlessly integrates with contact apps, and is successfully applied by tens of thousands of users each day. There are also a lot of additional features available, also to integrate the app in large organisations. All this can also be done independent from the Google services. A list of all the features is available at the manual.

Support Information

If you like my a app and you want to support me for further development feel free to:

Thank you! :)

If you experience any problems you can contact me with an mail (consync[at] or at the support thread.
Support Thread (XDA DEV):Click me

Download (NO MIRRORING, Link on this page not on the file!): Contact Sync Pro Version 9.0
You can use the following version if you want to check out the app for free: Contact Sync Free Evaluation Version 9.0

There is also a Blackberry version of this app available:Blackberry

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License Information - Testlicense

If you want to test features which require a license (e.g. syncing with network sources) you can use the free test version available here or at the Google Play store. Using this way you can check out all the features of the app without any limitations! You also can buy a full license. The app is also available at the Google Market/Play Store but you can also buy it directly from me using paypal or a classic bank transfer to an Austrian bank account. For more informations contact me at consync[at]